About NALI

Founded in 2012, North American Learning Institute (NALI) is an eLearning organization that has developed and supports a homegrown state-of-the-art learning management system that provides easy access to curricula written by experienced instructors. NALI's founders have experience in the financial counseling, financial education, student loan, technology, travel, food services, advertising, marketing, and communications industries. NALI and its instructors hold various approvals, certifications, and memberships from private organizations, non-profits, and government bodies resulting in its classes being widely recognized and accepted. Hundreds of thousands of students have completed NALI classes to fulfill legal or court-ordered requirements, satisfy workplace compliance and continuing professional education requirements, student/student-athlete training, and personal development.

Approvals, Credentials, and Memberships

NALI — and programs written by its instructors — have been approved by entities such as:

In addition to having held credentials issued by AFCPE, ICFE, NCHEC, U.S. Department of HUD, and the State of Michigan, NALI instructors currently hold the following credentials:

NALI instructors are currently members of:


Thousands of referral partners utilize NALI's free, comprehensive Partner Dashboard to refer students, track course progress, retrieve documents, and confirm certificate authenticity and validity. These partners include Fortune 500 companies, universities, school districts, international organizations, municipalities, courts, law firms, private and public employers, and more.

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